About the Caldo de Piedra Restaurant

In 1996, the Gachupín Velasco family opened an eatery called Caldo de Piedra, or Stone Soup, on the main street of their village, Usila. Located in the northern reaches of Oaxaca State along the Usila River, a tributary of the mighty Papaloapán River, this traditional indigenous community is surrounded by dramatic rocky mountains covered in dense tropical forest. The family's intention was to teach Usila's visitors about stone soup, a culinary tradition proudly maintained by the community and an important element of the local Chinantec culture.

In 1999, the family introduced Usila's traditional dish to Oaxaca City, and the Caldo de Piedra restaurant was moved to Santa María Coyotepec, a town on the outskirts of the state's capital. With the new location the Gachupin Velasco family was able to offer its pre-Hispanic cuisine and topnotch service to Oaxaqueños and national and international tourists alike.

In 2006, the restaurant's present-day location was established in a charming open-air building topped by a palm-thatched roof. Caldo de Piedra can now be found at the 11.9 km point on the highway traveling from Oaxaca City to el Tule, in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oax.

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Come with your family and enjoy this pre-Hispanic culinary artform! We also offer classic Oaxacan snacks such as memelitas, tlayudas, mushroom quesadillas and more.

History of Caldo de Piedra

Stone soup is an ancient dish from the Chinantec village of San Felipe Usila, located in the northern reaches of Oaxaca State.  There, this culinary art form is prepared exclusively by men who offer it in gratitude to women, children, elders and respected individuals congregating along the river's edge.  Read more »